Fjällräven Fält

The Fjällräven Fält is a jacket and trousers developed cooperation with survival expert Lars Fält. The outer fabric is made of the classic Fjällräven G-1000 fabric that is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They are then lined with Hydratic which is a material that is waterproof but still let bodily moisture escape. This makes for a tough outer layer that will protect the Hydratic liner.

The jacket

The jacket has a total of 11 pockets, 2 breast pockets that is equipped with the click in system which allows you “click in” a map case for example. It also has a large back pocket that can be used as a small rucksack to carry the little bigger heavier items in. The jacket also has 4 lower pockets were 2 of them can be closed by a button and the other 2 are more of hand warmer pockets. There are also 2 large mesh pockets on the inside of the jacket which are really good to store mittens, woollen cap or maps/documents in. Finally there are 2 smaller pockets close to the zipper in breast height; these are often referred to as napoleon pockets. The right pocket has small pocket inside made for your mobile phone or similar.

The inside of the jacket has a orange colour that makes it possible to turn it inside out if you want to attract attention in a survival situation. Even the inside of the hood is coloured orange but can easily be rolled into collar. There is also a built in sit flap.

The trousers

The trousers are no fuss kind of trousers with a simple design. They have 2 leg pockets that are really huge and will fit most of what you need to keep on the trousers. There is also a back pocket with a zipper and of course it has the traditional side pockets. The trousers are also equipped with a built in belt that do not chafe while carrying a backpack. The knee’s has a pockets for knee pads, that are great to use when you are canoeing for example.  The trouser also has strap adjustments in the leg endings.

My experiences and thoughts

I have used the trouser for about 18 months and the jacket for soon 12 months. They have been used all year during different activities ranging from day walks in the woods to weeklong survival course in the arctic. So I can honest say that these garments have been well used and that I have learnt about their strengths and weaknesses.

The jacket

I really like this jacket and especially it is coloured orange on the inside which makes it possible to turn it inside out. This has been used to attract attention during survival training and has proven to work really well. The lower pockets had been better if you could close them with a zipper instead of the button it has now. Something I really missed is small pieces of string on the zippers making them easier to handle with gloves or cold hands. I have personally tied on small pieces of paracord and it has made a big difference. The build it sit flap feels unnecessary and have hardly been used and only makes the back warmer while carrying a rucksack. I have often used the inner mesh pockets for maps or wool cap or gloves or similar and they are really great to store things like that in them. It had been nice if the jacket had been slightly longer in the back so it would have covered my bum, especially on cold windy days. To be able to use it during the winter it would have been better with a larger wired hood and maybe even buttons on it prepared to use with one of Fjällrävens fur collars. I have one of these on a Fjällräven anorak that has bigger hood and it’s a big difference during windy winter days. The jacket has been used during long cross country skiing days and long hikes with a backpack and it becomes way too warm. But for easier activities during the year it is really great and even during a whole day of heavy rain it kept me dry even though is was soaked. I would say that the jacket is perfect for people who like to be in the wilderness and around live fires. People like hunters and Bushcrafters will love this jacket and if you ever end up in a survival situation you will be happy that you have orange coloured inside. The jacket is pretty expensive but if you are after a jacket to use during the colder time of year this is a good jacket, but try it out first since some people have found it a little bit too tight, something I personally liked on this jacket.

The trousers

The trousers design is just perfect and I can’t understand why Fjällräven does not make these without the liner. The liner makes them way too warm to use when active like hiking with a backpack. Even during warmer part of the year they are way too hot to use even during low activity. But they have really good leg pockets and the built in belt is perfect along with suspenders. The knee pocket intended to put in knee pads does not work for me at all since they are too high up to and end up wrong when I am kneeling. But I do like the idea since it would be great when canoeing for example. The trousers are perfect during the winter since they are wind and waterproof and will give you some extra warmth. These trousers are perfect for use during the colder time of the year since they get too warm during summer, but for a cold and rainy autumn day these are really good.

Written by: Johan, Nordic Bushcraft

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  1. Robert Moore

    help please. I am in the ordering process for a Lars Felt Jacket/Parka.
    In the USA we have no decent jackets/parkas for bushcrafting. Decent as in number of pockets/waterproof/fire resistant/etc.
    I don’t have to tell you they are expensive and the only thing that worries me is the sizing. Everything I wear coat wise is XL but after reading your review I’m thinking that XL in the Falt jacket may be too small??? I’m 6’1, chest is 44 inches and I weigh 198 pounds–not much fat just big bones!
    Any suggestions? There is no way to try one one being a couple thousand miles away.
    Thanks for any help/suggestions.
    Robert Moore

  2. Mikko

    its sad that these arent even in production anymore,atleast finnish importer told me so in phone,and ive emailed to factory too,and they dont bother to looks good product and i would like to buy one but it seems i have to bail the idea.

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