Winter WEISS 2008

Winter WEISS 2008 has now ended, this time we had to go up to north of Värmland to find enough snow and some some real cold. A week of both sun and snowy windy days our students learned many winterskills. Shelterbuilding covered all from common tents, lavvu and igloos and much more. We could see tracks from Wolf, Lynx, Ptarmigan, Hare and many more animals, lessons on diffrent ways to catch them was a part of the week. There was also a special instructor that taught First Aid in the winter and also learned the students a lot about avalanches. The week was packed with things to do and many skills were covered and too much to ever wríte them all down, but here are some nice pics of the week =)


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  1. suburban bushwacker

    please tell us more about the vertical split log fire.
    Do the splits go all the way through?
    Is the impressive plume of flame caused by air flow or a special kindling?
    how about a tutorial?

    Did you have to feed the Bearclaws guys special food to get them to look like that in the photo?


  2. Johan

    The logs are made of old dead pine and are made with the help of a chainsaw. You can make them bt splitting an old dead pine and stick them in the ground. Basicly it´s just a big mayastick.

    They are just fed with some proper coffe 😉


  3. Joni

    Looks like you had a very good class to teach. I see that you had a lot of work to do to make this course such a good experience for the students . I like the images super job.Joni

  4. Rog

    Too right bud!

    WEISS is an experience one cant put into words and the pictures only tell half the story. WONDERFUL STUFF! Have to get out there and do it…

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