Winter trip

This easter me and an old friend of mine (Toby) packed up a car and went up north to spend a week in what we call ”fjällen” which is what the mountains in the north is called. We dont get the chance to meet as often as we want to but this year we both needed to get away and going up north to ski was the best thing we could think of.

Day 1
We knew we had a long way to travel and since we had decided to take a car up and did not want to waste any time we went late in the evening so we could drive through the night. But we did not expected was to see so many animals during the night, we saw loads of hare, deer, fox and even a lnx sitting at the roadside. But after almost 12 h of driving and loads of coffe we stopped by a family Toby knew. Once there in a beatiful with some white lovely surroundings we got served a proper breakfast with porridge and coffe we were filled with energy and the last bit of driving was easy. When we finally got to Storlvån mountains station nad there were loads of snow here and the fjäll were surrounding us. We did not waste much time, so we just had a quick look into the mountain station and booked a room for our last night. We quickly packed up our skis and headed out with strange looks and comments like ”Are you going to sleep in a tent?”
We skied as fast as we could which was not very fast since it was all uphill. But when we got to the end of the treeline we decided to put up the tent since it was starting to get late and the tent we had was not really made for winter conditions. We were pretty tired when we got up the tent so we crawled down in our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

Day 2
It was a cold morning when we got up and there was frost inside the tent. My reindeer slippers was perfect to walk around during the morning when we made breakfast and Toby soon stopped joking about them when he was walking around in his cold ski boots. We soon decided to go for a daytrip and headed out on the fjäll. It did not take long before we saw a lot of reindeers in our tracks nad it was a beatiful wiev to see them walking by eating of the lichen. Neither of us ski much so it was slow progress we skied on. When we got to the first downhill I fell for the first time, it would happen many more times but this was the first. We bot laughed at it all and must have looked pretty silly laying there in the snow laughing. After a while we got to one of the rescue cabins and decided to have our lunch there, since the wind was blowing pretty hard outside. Once we got in there it was empty and nice and it felt really good to get away from the wind outside. It did not take long before more people came in to the very small cabin to eat lunch too. Toby had prepared a really good lunch with pasta and a tomatoe sauce with chorizo, bacon and garlic. The oter people had only sandwiches and looked with envy at us when we ate our lunch. Ther was 2 families there and the kids were not much older then seven and tey enjoyed being out in the snow even it had been bowing pretty hard.
Our way bak was hard since the wind was blowing hard and made it very cold, we both put up our hoods and tried to protect the face as much as possible. The trip back went good but we were pretty tired when we got back and just made coffe and enjoyed the sun and that we were protected from the wind by the mountain. I made an attempt to make a fire, but needed first to dog down to the ground, but after have been digging down to almost 2 metres and only reached a bush, I agve up that idea. The evening ended with dinner and after that some biscuits an hot chocolate and some rum in it to keep us warm through te night.

Day 3
The evening before we had a decided to go up to Sylarnas mountain station and we had decided to go over the mountain. We had woken up to a sunny and prett warm day. We went off early since we knew it would be a long day. When we came over te mountain and could see the view with all the snow and skiers far away, it was so beatiful that no words ever can describe. We had a long day of skiing and it was a lot of uphill and little downhill. The last uphill before the Sylarna I had loads of food fantasies and I was really low on energy. But when you are with a good friend like Toby the laughter was never far away even when things is hard like now. When we reached the top it was worth it all, it was so beatiful to look out on the white landscape. But we were very hungry and went in the mountain station and prayed that they served lunch. We had ony stepped inside and asked if they served lunch and the the guy there jsut smiled and said ”klart smålänningarna ska ha mat (of course the people from småland (county were we are from) should have som food). We were served with some delicous soup and freshbaked bread and we ate a lot (we are smålänningar after all) and afterwards we had a nice cup of coffe and just enjoyed ourself before heading back.
Since there was long way up that was long and steep. We got a long downhill on our way back, it went fast down a bit to fast really. But on te way back we were full of energy and weatehr was great and the skiing easy, we just loved it.

Day 4
This was our last day up here so we decided to pack everything down and head back to the mountain station and enjoy some modern facilities. The packing went fast and it felt like our packs was bigger heading back, but it was downhill and went pretty fast. Once down at Storulvån we got a long warm shower and got on some clean clothes ad headed for the restaurang an ate a good lunch and had a cold one. And of course we had coffe afterwards =)
Stoulvån is pretty big and there are lots of things to do in ther surroundings especially for kids, we walked around and looked at the surroundings and just relaxed. In the evening we had the famous 3 course dinner and there was not nothing we missed there. Reindeer and salmon and loads things to add to it and for dessert ice cream made from local milk from a fjällcow. Everything we ate was produced locally and that just made it taste even better. Afterwards we went up to the loft and relaxed an talked, before we went down and had a few whiskeys before going to bed.

Day 5
We were up really early prepairing for our journey home and had breakfast at the mountain station. After breakfast we traveled to place were we were going with dogsleds. We got to take out the dogs and attach them to the sled on our own and after some instructions from Kelp (the guide) we went off. It was an amazing experience to handle the dogs and to run the sled and at the same time see the fjäll. To see the dogs work and to see how they all had their own personalities and just to see how much they loved to work. We had a stop at a old very small hotel were we were served soup and coffe and then we were off again before stopping for a short break to get some warm drinks (coffe of course). This was the highlight of our journey and is probably the best hing I have ever done and is something I want to do again. I would highly recommend t do it for a halfday as we did, tiem really flies and an hour goes by very quicky. Next time I want to be out for days to learn even more. After the dogsled we had a long journey home and once again we stopped at Tobys friends and this time got served with moose meat which was delicous. We were not unti late that night and we were both exhausted.

There are lot of people I want to give a big thank you to, all from the people at the mountain stations to Bosse with family and my friend Toby. I hope to see you all soon, since I will go back just to see it all without snow…