Making your own gear

Making your own gear  Lately I have been starting making some of my gear myself. I have for some time made and used the old classic roycroft frame. It has been perfect to use as a daysack and to carry things that I have collected on my daily walks in the woods. But O wanted to do more and tested to make a knife and it was not the best knife but it works. So earlier this week I made a saw, the tools I have used has been knife, saw and axe. These are tools that a person normally carries with them in the woods, so al these things can easily be made or repaired. The materials that has been used has been taken from the woods, the only exception is knife and sawblade and some string. For the Roycroft frame I have used some pieces from a sleeping pad and a old jutesack, but the sack can be a sweater, tarp or anything else.  But as always you should ask yourself, WHY do this?The best thing with doing this is that is fun and it things that you can use and that can come along on your future wilderness trips. But also, if anything needs repairs you can fix it because you have once made it all. But also you always have the option to make these things in an emergency situation. This is easy and fun things to do that will give you a fun time and also learn more about the gear that you use everyday and keep you away from the modern Buycraft.The saw that now has a cover for the blade


A pin made of juniper instead of nuts and bolts 


 Roycroft frame