To be first…

As an instructor I will never ask any student to do anything I have not done myself. During the winter survival course it was time to do a dip in the ice cold water. As you can see in the video the body goes into chock and I have didfficulties to breath and start to hyperventilate. But you have to take charge of your body and and start control your breathing and prepare to get back up again. That is why before going up I ask the instructor Kim for permission to get up before I start climbing out, this is to show that I am in control. Enjoy the video and thanks to Lee for sharing this.

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  1. peter1959

    Verkligheten som den är, upp så fort som möjligt !
    Snyggt dopp !
    Ska läsa vidare på denna sida, fint upplägg, folk med fötterna på jorden på bilderna !, det kan inte bli mycket bättre !
    Peter Sedin

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