This Easter I spent in a place called Tiveden, that is mostly known for its National Park but there are also big parts that are not a part of the national park. This place was a new experience for me ad I fell in love with it immediately. Might to do wit hte good weather, but it also has a feel of true wilderness. To spend easter there was a bit special since ig ot to experience the ice melting away during that few days. From a lake filled with ice to a lake without ice during a few days, to hear the sounds of the ice melting away was someting special.

To anyone whos has done our Uteliv courses has heard of the trips, this will probably be our first visit on these trips, more will come on that later but first som of the 100’s of pics that were taken during my time in Tiveden.

View from inside the National park 

Not far from basecamp 1

Hiking through the park

Home of the trolls

The source…

Evening in camp

The trolls chair

Time for the morning coffe =)

A stop on the way back for the plant walk and look at the swedish army survival school