First canoe trip of the year

Finally I got a weekend of and got a chance to go out with my canoe to a new are a I never been to before. To go through maps around the local area and find a place that might be a good canoe are and then go there and find real wilderness paradise. The paddling was less fun since the winds was strong and the waves high. But after setting up my baker tent I crawled in the tent and spent most of the day reading a book about the Voyageurs.

 When the evening came and the winds weakened I started my dinner that was cooked in my Fältugn (swedish Durch Oven) a very heavy pot but a good luxuart when canoeing. After dinner I wanted some logs for the evenings fire and then it happened, the axe slipped and hit my knee. The axe cut theough my trousers and int my knee leaving me with a sore knee. Accidents like this is nothing new for me so I patched up my knee and continued the work on the log and later had a good fore keepig me warm during the chilly night.

 The morning after started with a some coffe and reakfast and during the day I took loads of photos and looked at all the birds flying around. The trip back was a hard one with the hard winds and it was a struggle to get back. But I loved my weekend depsite the hardships I had, it´s just a part of life in the wilderness.


Wathing birds and taking photos

The camp at night

Me and my canoe

Dinner time

Canada geese egg

Some of my new tools

Augre, handmade by Julius Pettersson

A piece of heaven

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  1. lee fraser

    Nice start to the year eh Johan? I hate it when the winds kick up-its no fun…Thats when i decide to find a quick camp and set up a SAFE fire….Fire & food are my comforts at any time of day….Cant wait to meet up with you again my friend… or is it fiend… haha

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