Walking with reindeers…

The little vacation I had this year was spent in the area of Helags and Sylarna. 6 days of hiking in the area of Helags and Sylarna and through all the 6 days the reindeer was following us most of the days. We were spending lots of time identifying diffrent plants and and used many of the berries we cold fins in our food. Crowberries, cloudberries, lingonberries and blueberries were plentiful. We saw loads o diffrent fungi but were not 100% sure of them so no were picked. We had really windy weather and some very wet days, but we had a wonderful time and are already planning a longer trip for next year, but then it will be Sarek =)

Some of the reindeers we saw every day

Water on tap =)

Guestbook on the Helags top

Helags glacier

Wiev from the top

Rest cabin

Fjell in the distance

Border between Norway and Sweden

Nedalshytta in Norway

Freshly picked berries for breakfast, there were plenty of berries everywhere

Reindeerherders cabin

All these choices were to go…

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  1. loïc

    While a skitour on beginning o f April (4/5) 2011 from Storerikvollen too Nedalshytta Very nice way
    and very nice Welkommen specially at Nedalshytta nice guestkeeper.
    Restfull étape with nice dinner and rest whith unforgetable sundown and Smiles….. before next tur under windstorm
    See you latter

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