A man once asked me if people today are so comfortable that it´s uncomfortable nowadays. I guess he had a point with that, especially looking at this winter. The winter came really early this year and brought us a lot of snow and the temperature has been lower then normal. It´s nothing bad about it, but if you look in the newspaper all you read about is train being late and airports are closed and the people are advised to stay at home and not go out. This is winter, it´s not summer any more and this is what we will have to expect, things take longer time and everything will not run smoothly. Funnily enough out here on the countryside we have not had any problems at all, not more then we have shovel a lot of snow all the time. So maybe is the city people just too comfortable and expect someone else to take care of them.

I am loving this winter and take every opportunity I can get to go out and enjoy the winter. But I also see the problems it has to our nature, the deer are suffering and are relying on hunters to feed them. The heavy snow has also broken off many tree´s, but the heavy snow has also destroyed part of my camp that I visited today. But that was expected since there has fallen over 1 meter of snow now and the quick weather change on new years when it went from -10 to +2 and rain for few hours and then back to cold again made the snow so much heavier.

When I tell people that I love being out in this weather and that I take every chance I get to sleep out, they think I am mad. They are always wondering if I don’t get cold, Of course I do but I also get warm again. Being a little bit cold and hungry and a bit miserable now and then does not kill you. It will just make appreciate life so much more.

These are some of the pictures I have taken the last few days, I have experienced rain, snow, cold and been miserable now and then but experiencing this and learning more and just be there makes it worst many times over.