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I am always on the lookout for new information or just to get inspired by other people. The traditional way would be to read books which I do a lot, but in this modern world there are also better ways. What we nowadays know as internet is something that is accessible to most people and it makes it possible for anyone to get their thoughts and knowledge out to other people. This is fantastic but it´s downside is that it´s a lot to go through and most of it I feel is crap. I like to read about other people ideas or see good solutions to problems, I am not interested to read about the latest super duper knife review (a good way to get bored tough).

So here is the blogs and other good stuff that I read and like.

Kevin made a visit to Swedish Lapland and ended up buying a cabin. A few years have passed and he is now living up there and is soon getting married. But he also has written a lot on his blog about his adventures and the daily life up there. As you can guess this is a very personal blog, but also contains a lot of good photos and stories about the daily life in Lapland.

Jack Mountain

Tim Smith is the founder of Jack Mountain Bushcraft School and a registered Maine guide, he is also a man with a lot of interesting thoughts and great inspiration to me.

Skills for wild lives
Nick is a bit of a newcomer but already has a lot of good entries and decided not to focus on equipment has decided me to follow him. Also on of those who Twiter a lot =)

This is not a blog but a YouTube channel, but I think Fredde needs to be a part here as well. His way of looking at Bushcraft is in the simplest of ways but his skills are not. He teaches you how to make things in nature of things you find in nature. He might not be the best producer of videos out there but the contents are, and how can you not love a guy playing AC/DC and driving an old Saab out to the woods to do Bushcraft =)

Preben Mortensen has been guiding people into wilderness a lot longer than I have lived and he as big interest in the nature. On his blog you get to follow his daily life. All from customers passing by to moose hunting and the natures changes during the seasons.

Nisse på torpet
A guy who is growing veggies, raising chickens and making beer and telling us about his life.

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  1. Nils

    Så det är hit du har flyttat bloggen! Då har jag lite att läsa ikapp. Snygg arcteryx mössa förresten! Fick en likadan av damen i julklapp 🙂
    Ha det gott

  2. Johan Inläggsförfattare

    Den mössan är guld värd när man är aktiv på vintern. Har haft min ett par år nu och den är en klar favorit =)

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