Fjällräven fält review revisited

In the beginning of this blog I made review of the jacket and trouser set Fjällräven Fält. Now 3 years has passed since I wrote this review and looking at the stats for the blog, the post of my review is visited more or less daily.
I still have the set and I have used quite a lot and it has gone through survival training in both summer and winter, been on weeklong hikes up in the north, several canoe trips and loads of daytrips and my most used jacket on courses. It works best in autumn and spring when it tends to be cold and wet or when not being too active since it feels to warm. It has held up very well but it now has the usual holes from sparks from old campfires. The jacket is equipped with many pockets but is not used much. The big pocket in the back I have for example never used, but the mesh pockets on the inside of the jacket has been great to keep my wool cap and gloves or similar items.  I have met Lars Fält and of course I had to ask him if he thought that this was the best jacket around, and of course he said yes =)

The things that I think need to be changed with the set are firstly to skip the liner, remove the seat pad on the jacket and the built in belt on the trousers. This would probably make the set a lot cheaper because on my mind the jacket was not worth the 3000 Sek I paid for it, the set is no longer sold. I have told Fjällräven about the changes I would like to have made for it to make it a better jacket, at least remove the liner.  Apparently there has been a normal G1000 of the jacket in the past and Fjällräven has said that it´s not impossible that it will come back in the future. Maybe I will buy that then as well and make a new review.

Some good memories of the jackets life so far

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  1. Nils Grundberg

    Thanks a lot for your post. I have just been speaking with our purchase manager and we are thinking about doing a new ”survival jacket”. We will keep you posted.

    Kind regards,
    Nils, Fjällräven (Web Marketing/Marketing Assistant)

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