Canoeing in the autumn

The other day we went out for a day of paddling and this was one of those few days with no wind, sunshine andall of autumns colour were out. In short a perfect day for canoeing and were pictures says more then words…

Packing up the canoe for the day

Autumn colours

Paddle leaving the water

Paddling off

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  1. Paul Kirtley


    Great pictures. Really brings to mind the feelings of autumn.

    I’ll be out in my canoe next week so this has put me in the right frame of mind :o)

    Thanks and all the best


    1. Johan Forsberg

      Tjena Paul!

      Autumn is the best time of the year to go for a paddle, no mozzies, more colours, cooler weather, higher waterlevel (especially this year), animals are more active and bigger chance of seeing them and best of all the tourists has gone home =)

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