Skiing in the dark


Heading out

I love to go for long trips in the outdoors and especially now during the winter when you can ski through the white wonderland. For several years I have gone for weeklong trips during the winter and done a lot of short trips. But last year we got 2 beatiful kids and that changed my life a lot and the long trips into the wilderness have benn put on hold. My addiction to be out is not less now then before, but now we often go out the whole family and we often go out in the forest here by our home (that are in the forest).


Animal highway

But sometimes I just want to go out on my own nad have some time for myself, the best time os often to do this when the kids are put to bed. So with a lof of new fresh snow what better to do then go skiing, even if it´s dark it´s beatiful and very nice to ski. Best is when it´s a full moon and clear sky, then you dont even need the headtorch. When you skiing in the evening you will discover that you are not the only one out in the dark, there are a lot of animals that active in the evening and there is a lot of frsh tracks to be found and you can even hear them sometimes. So why wait to do what you love, when you can do it now!

Sorry for the bad image quality, photos taken with mobile phone.


Home again

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  1. Ron

    One day I hope to be able to experience this and the long trips, too. But for now I have plenty to do with just learning how to stay on the skis and use them…

    1. Johan Inläggsförfattare

      I am out several times a week, good training to keep me fit but also good practice skiing. We are all children in the beginning and it will take time and practise to be good =)

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