Etikettarkiv: Documentary

Documentary – An axe to grind

Axes is one of our oldest tools and also the one tool that fascinates me the most. I have several axes all from new and shiny to old axes that have been laying in sheds for many years until I found them and gave them a new life. Since I have a big fascination for axes I often search for information on axes. recently I found this documentary that shows how to rehandle an axe, how to use them and diffrent types of axes. A bonus is the good music in the background to get you in the right spirit of woodchopping.

Documentary: Happy people, a year in the taiga

This is a documentary about the people in a village in the middle of Siberian taiga. It follows mostly a trapper and his work through the year. To live here the people have to be very self sufficient and have to make the things they need and catch the food they eat. The film shows have they make things like insect repellant to making skis and a dugout canoe. What is very interesting to watch is how simple they keep everything. The tool that is so important for people living in the north is the axe and this film show why, the axe is used all the time and the knife is hardly used at all.

I have seen many documentaries but his is probably one of the best, not just because of it content but it´s also a very beautiful film to watch and a film I will definitely watch again and again.