Hurry up!

For the last few weeks I have been planning this summer’s trips. I will be doing both canoeing and hiking and there are a lot of thoughts that have come up. But one thing that is very common is the stresses in the outdoors. For me getting out in nature is a way to get away from the everyday stresses and relax and enjoy nature to its fullest. To do these things will have to take time, for example I choose to cook over an open fire instead using a gas cooker. This means I will have to sort out a place to have my fire, gather fire wood and keep the fire going. This takes a lot longer time then having to just put on a gas cooker, but cooking over the fire gives me so much more and I am being there on natures own terms.

When I am doing research for my canoe trips on how high the water is in the streams and if there are many tree´s in the way I found mostly kit lists.
When I do research on hiking trails and good detours worth taking and if there is possible to cross certain streams. But all I find is more kits lists and this time telling me to keep it as light as possible.

I am not interested in kit lists, I have used the same stuff for years and are not planning on buying any new lightweight stuff that will not hold up for many years of use. I don’t mind carrying a little extra since I am not in a rush to get the next goal. When hiking I just love stopping and have a look at plants, animal, tracks or any other of natures wonder or why not stop for a long lunch, have a swim or just lay in the sun for a while. But everywhere I just read faster, longer and lighter. If I go fast, how am I going to see all the small things, I am not only interested in seeing the big peaks and giant lakes I also want to see the small things. So if I take my time and take many breaks why do I have to have lightest gear available to go as fast as possible?

Will write trip reports on this blog after my trips so at least someone can get some info on trips to take and not what to bring =)

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  1. Hendrik

    Johan, sad to see such informed stuff. Lightweight gear is just as durable and good as the traditional, heavyweight gear.

    The idea is also not to be faster and longer, though due to going lighter this certainly is a possibility.

    Instead the idea is to leave the un-needed stuff at home, to rely on skills and knowledge in combination with lighter gear (a tarp or bivy bag instead of a double-wall tent, for example) to be healthier and with more enjoyment on the trail. Even if I do three kilometer off-trail I still have plenty of time to collect berries and mushrooms, look at the flora & fauna and take plenty of photos.

    Try it, you actually might enjoy it 😉

  2. Johan Inläggsförfattare

    I have tried some lightweigt stuff and some I like and some just does not work for me. But still is atypical comment I get that I should change for a smaller and lighter so I can go faster. It jsut do not interest me. I can understand that some people go for lighter stuff, i have a friend who uses a very light canoe, for him it´s the chance to still get out and paddle.
    When I go out it´s to get away from my every day life. My daily life goes fast and a lot of things are going on, so when I go out I like to take it slow and just enjoy the moment.

    But I do follow your blog and like what you write and I get inspired by what I read but me going lightpacking is probably not happening =)

    But I do follow

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