Canoe Journeys Summer 2011

Next week I am going off for a 5-day trip paddling in lakes outside Gothenburg. I have paddled there before but never got to see the other end of the lake or the other lakes in the nearby but now I have the time and will get the chance to do so. With me I will have my old friend Preben Nilsen who has paddled these waters for many years and the man who taught me how paddle properly.

The week after I will paddle Nissan and will start from my home and aim for the sea, if I get that far I don’t know yet. I have been searching the internet for information about the river and its condition. All I found is some info on some of the parts and the information is quite old.

So since I am doing these trips this summer I am going to try and document these trips so other people that are interesting in paddling either on a river or on lakes can get some information on good paddling waters. If these works well I might start documenting more of the shorter journeys I make, there are many good lakes around here for paddling that is often empty of people.

Keep an eye on this blog in next couple of weeks