Bushcraft Basics


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About the course

Bushcraft in Sweden – is a course with the focus on learning the skills needed to live and travel in Swedish forests during the summer. To travel in the forest you should be able to carry less by knowing more, this is the basis of this course. To learn to live a more simple life in the forest on the natures own terms.
The course will be held at Nordic Bushcraft Base Camp were you will learn ring a lot of your new skills and be able to experience different types of shelter. Most of the equipment needed for the course will be loaned to you and you will not need to bring a lot of gear, instead you will make some of your equipment and get tips on what to choose for future journeys into the forests.

With the use of tools we can create objects, prepare food, get firewood, and build shelters and much more. We will teach you how to use tools like the knife, axe and saw in a safe way and also how to take care of them.

Making fire from friction to flame and to find firewood, maintaining the fire to knowing what  firelays to make  that you can cook on or to warm you. This is a skill that will be used daily.

All of our cooking will be done over an open fire, we will sometimes use wild plants for our meal. Fish is available but needs to be caught, gutted and cooked. Finding and purifying water is a required knowledge even if the water sometimes can be safe to drink.

To have a good nights sleep is one of the most important skills, so to have roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep on is a necessity.

Wild plants and tree´s
What can you eat and how can you use plants and trees for other things. Learn not just to identify them but also how to use them.

About  Sweden
Sweden is known for its large forests and for its 95 000 lakes. The waters are full of fish and the forests have plants that can be used for food or medicine plus the materials to craft tools and equipment. Living in the forest using it´s natural resources is something people have done for thousands of years and it´s from these people we have found inspiration for this course.

Sweden’s right of public access makes it possible to travel in the nature and to camp out almost anywhere. This makes Sweden a wilderness paradise for nature lovers.

More information

Transport and communication
The course will be at Nordic Bushcraft Camp that is located 120 km from Gothenburg and 30 km from Jönköping. Gothenburg has 2 airports and good communications to the village of Strängsered which is our nearest village and also the pickup point for those who come by bus.  A more detailed description with timetables will be available when booking.

Travel by air:Gothenburg is less than 2 hrs away and have 2 airports. Landvetter which most big airlines fly to. Has good access with buses.

Travel by car:
From Gothenburg, road 40 east towards Jönköping, about 90 min drive
From Jönköping, drive road 40 towards Gothenburg, about 30 min drive

Travel by bus: Buses goes from Landvetter Aiport and Gothenburg to Ulricehamn were we can pick you up. There are also buses from Jonkoping that has good connections to Stockholm and Malmö.

Food there will be food for 3 meals/day and food will be cooked by the students. Our goal is to offer typical Swedish food and also local delicacies.

A complete equipment list will come with your welcome letter. In short you only need some clothes and sleeping gear. The rest will be loaned to you or will be made by yourself like packframe, sawframe, spoon and more.

Sunday 22th June to 28th June
Starting at Sunday afternoon and leaving on Saturday morning

4500 Sek (about 500euro or £415) this is the price for the test course and will have maximum of 5 students, price includes all food and loan of some equipment.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.